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Since our founding in 2002, the Colorado Health Institute has provided evidence-based data and information to inform policy, advance health, promote collaboration and support better access to care for all Coloradans.

That remains true today. But, times have changed, and so has CHI.

As a health policy research institute, research is our priority. But it is just the beginning of our work. We have branched out in response to profound innovations in health, health care and health policy. Today, we are trusted strategic advisors and sought-after facilitators. We are skilled evaluators. We are a valued partner with the individuals, groups and communities across the state working to make Colorado No. 1 in health.

We analyze, we write, we talk, we tweet, we blog, we convene, we listen, we learn. In short, we make sure that solid information and sound advice reach the right people at the right time when it can do the most good.

In addition to a full portfolio of health policy research available online, CHI is funded to provide support for Colorado’s health care community. Many of our services are designed to meet this community support goal. We can help you think through which data or research will best answer your question.

Call us at (303) 831-4200 to learn how we may be of help to you or your organization.

CHI’s services include:

  • Customized Information Requests. CHI fields hundreds of information requests annually from policymakers, researchers, health organizations and more. There is no charge for four hours or less of research time. Call Senior Data Analyst Rebecca Crepin at (720) 382-7086.
  • Strategic Consulting. CHI experts are available to work with policymakers and health policy leaders, helping to understand the changing health landscape and anticipate where it is headed. 
  • Expert Facilitation. Our senior directors are skilled at facilitating the work of groups and organizations as they collaborate on some of the state’s most important health issues. We know how to set the stage with evidence, data and information, and guide the way forward for successful and useful outcomes.
  • Data Analysis. Skilled at both quantitative and qualitative data collection, CHI translates that information into accessible formats.
  • Presentations: CHI analysts make dozens of presentations annually to groups across Colorado and the nation on a variety of health policy issues and trends. Our presenters are professionally trained and are available to give interesting and informative presentations to your group. 

In general, our research and analysis focuses on six key areas of health and health care policy:

  • Health care safety net
  • Health coverage and the uninsured
  • New models of health care
  • Health care workforce
  • Community health
  • Legislation and policy 

Above all, CHI is here to help. Call, email, tweet, or stop by. You can even fax us!

Call: (303) 831-4200


Tweet: #COHealthInst

Fax: (303) 831-4247

Stop by:

303 E. 17th Avenue, Suite 930

Denver, Colorado 80203

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Informing Policy. Advancing Health.

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